Search Engine Optimization

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization For Business Growth

Search Engine Optimization is all about getting your business listed on the top of search results by providing search engines (such as Google, Yahoo and Bing) accurate clues about…

  1. Why your business should be considered the top authority for the services and/or products you provide.
  2. How your offering is appropriate for the consumer’s search queries.
  3. What your business is all about.
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At BizGen, we make sure that your business has the appropriate online exposure with our innovative SEO services to attract the ideal customers for you to stay ahead of your competition!  We ensure that your website maintains authority and relevancy in search queries and provides the best opportunity to attract new business leads. By staying on top of the constant changes and updates in the search algorithms, we make sure that your website brings you the desired results- Increased targeted traffic and leads for new business.


how it works


When people search online for something specific, typically they are looking for pertinent information to fulfill their search. The search needs to yield websites that are applicable, significant and most of all relevant to their search. It is important that search results do not have unrelated and irrelevant information. Search engines are designed for the purpose of finding the correct information.


Search engines explore the web to find websites that have the most relevant information for the search. Complex algorithms are used to determine which sites are shown and in what order. Relevant websites that are optimized correctly have better search results with top listed sites receiving majority of traffic. The results of correct SEO optimization are for sites to obtain authority in their field and enjoy top rankings with increased business.


It is our job to work with you to understand your business and develop the most appropriate SEO strategy for your location, industry, and target audience. This is accomplished by implementing correct strategies for your web design, content, keywords, directory listings and external linking. Of course the results are for your business to gain steady leads with increased sales so that you can enjoy the fruits of your labor.


Website Ranking

understand how to attain top results

The correct SEO strategy ranks your website at the top of two areas on a search results page known as local and organic listings. Having top rankings in both listings will highly improve the visibility and traffic on your site. However, in order to enjoy lasting success, it is vital for websites to both obtain and maintain top rankings. Furthermore, your website needs to convert site traffic into quality leads to truly increase your business.

Example of companies ranked through SEO marketing

We make sure that your business has best chances of capturing more traffic and converting them to qualified leads!

LOCAL LISTING  According to Google research on local search behaviors, 4 out of 5 people conduct local searches on search engines with 88% on smartphones and 84% on computers or tablets.

ORGANIC RANKING Studies indicate that 71.3% of searches clicked on sites ranked on the first page with top 5 results accounting for 67.6% of all clicks.

SEO Components

some major factors of optimization

Content is key

Much of the website ranking process begins with high quality, unique and relevant content. Our professional copy writers create authoritative content with three objectives in mind: 1) Represent your company in an interesting compelling way; 2) Make sure that the text is readable and interesting to your target audience- your prospective clients; and 3) For search engines to notice the quality and uniqueness of your content to regard your business as an authority above your competition.

Mobile Friendly Design

Increasingly more and more searches are done on mobile phones. So much so, that Google is promoting sites that are mobile friendly. We carefully design responsive websites so that no matter what type of device is used for local searches your site will adjust to the specific device screen size. In other words, your website designed by Bizgen Consulting will be appropriate and look good with all types of devices from smartphones and tables to laptops and desktops.

Behind the Scenes Data

There are elements of data and codes built into every website that signal the search engines. Letting search engines know what your site and each page is all about and what components of your site are important. When done correctly the search engines will index and rank your site and each page accordingly. When consumers are searching for a specific service or type of product, search engines need to know which websites or pages of sites have the appropriate information or product to display.

User Experience

In addition to relevancy of content search engines also consider the user experience through various metrics. Fast loading speed is just as important as the ease of  site navigation. Quality and the popularity of the website is measured through the amount of time visitors stay on your site and click through multiple areas of your site. Search engines will also boost your site if visitors are sharing pages with others or liking your website. For the reason that non-relevant sites are displayed in search queries, if a visitor visits a site and immediately leaves the website, search engines can demote these sites based on the bounce rate of visitors.

Keyword Strategy

It is imperative to identify how your consumers are searching for your products and/or services. We partner with you to understand your unique business, industry and market competitors and design the right keyword strategy for your target consumers. A thorough keyword analysis is performed to obtain and categorize the best seo keywords for your business and your budget. Then the keyword strategy is implemented to best fit your business growth goals.


What is a backlink? Simply put, a backlink is a link between a web page and another website. One example of this would be a link that is included on a web page with industry statistics linked to the website that is the source for the information. Backlinks are an integral part of search engine optimization and require methodical consideration as to how your website will link with other sites. Important element used to measure backlinks are what are regarded as quality links. Quality links are perceived as displaying credibility to the linked sites. As it is known with SEO content is key, but external links are gold!

As you can see, search engine optimization requires strategic implementation of many moving parts. SEO optimization is a time process that will generate high visibility for your business. Depending on the competitiveness of your market, the amount of time for top rankings will vary. SEO is a complex and steady process that involves ongoing management to obtain the results you are looking for.

You have a business to run. Partner with us and get a boost in generating steady leads and increased sales. Our innovative SEO services will help your business develop consumer trust and authority in your service or product offering. Our SEO system has assisted thousands of small business in various industries and areas through out the country succeed online.

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